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FW: Voter turnout heavy despite rain Steve Moreland 0
JoCoKs Complete 9:20PM Lesley Thompson \(earthlin 0 SPECIAL REPORT: Election Day 2002 Lesley Thompson \(earthlin 0
Virus Warning Robert McDonald 1
Virus in Greeting Card from Frank Kaplan Ian S. Piper 0
Virus - take this seriously Robert McDonald 0
RE: Virus Warning Josh Gardner 0
FW: Virus - take this seriously Mike Rasmussen 0
November 5 Election Success Swidarski, Thomas W. 0
Lesley has sent you an interesting story from lesley 0
City's original vote totals flawed lesley 0
Ohio County eyes replacing punch-card system with TS Lesley Thompson 0
Story from The Advocate Online lesley 0
AVS Election Article Lesley Thompson 0

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